The Poem of Play

Poem PlayThe Poem of Play:

Human play is so powerful because it lets us experience what doesn’t belong together.
Our need for connection and our need for separateness,
our need for togetherness and our need for autonomy,
our need for belonging and our need for individuality,
our need for predictability and our need for surprise,
our need for security and our need for adventure,
our need for familiarity and our need for novelty,
our need for comfort and our need for edge.

Play is build into our DNA to ensure that we don’t feel too comfortable; that we never stop progressing!
That’s the poem of Play.
By Roman Rackwitz

Roman is the Founder & CEO of Engaginglab (engaginglab.com), a company that transports ‘game-design-thinking’ combined with ‘motivational & behavior psychology’ into reality.
“Gamification works by showing a path to mastery and autonomy, by helping to solve problems step by step, and by taking advantage of humans psychological predisposition to engage in gaming.” – Roman Rackwitz (roman@engaginglab.com)

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