Games as chemical reactions

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Welcome gamers and players,

today I’ll start updating blog again. Probably I can’t have the regularity I had in the past, anyway I’ll do my best to keep this blog alive.

Today, we’ll construct a symmetry between games and chemistry to describe two feature of the games usually misunderstood. To create connections between different knowledge (as chemistry and ludology) is a complex, fragile and tiny work, especially if you have to apply mathematical formulation, predictive models and mandatory rules.

I will discuss this matter in simple way, avoiding complex theoretical formulation, without detailed description of knowledge background and so on.
My hypothesis in this post is the following:

  • Game, like chemical reactions, can be divided between those that can foster themselves, and those that need to be fed.

I will not demonstrate that, but taking this hypothesis for real I will see what consequences occur. Within thermodynamics, there are…

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