Engaginglab is a ‘first-mover & evangelist company’ for the area of Gamification.

Winner of the 1st international Gamification contest; covered by Mashable, SETI & Gamify.

Gamification Evangelist and public speaker. One of Europe’s first mover within the area of Gamification.

Gamification is about the fusion of Psychology with Game-design-thinking and applies the results on activities with non-gaming context. By taking the science of behavioral- and motivational psychology and combining them with the amazing power of game-dynamics & game-mechanics, we achieve a mind-blowing engagement tool.

Think about the last time you totally lost track of time and were focused and energized in your activity. Don’t you want to achieve this state of mind  as often as possible? No matter what kind of activity you did while experiencing this feeling, wasn’t it just fun?

It is Engaginglab’s mission to help you to get back into this a often a possible. Even by doing your taxes.



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